Reinforcements are not on their way

army menI’m a harried mom. I work full-time, I’m the primary care-taker of my daughter, I make most of the meals, buy the groceries, plan the appointments, you name it… it is on my plate. Just like almost every other women I know.

I keep falling into this trap of believing that if I just had a day to myself, an hour, a break, a vacation, a freaking bathroom trip to myself, I could get more accomplished. Hell, after a week at home with my husband, my 3 year old and the cat, I’m pretty sure I could cure cancer or find a way to broker world peace if I could just have 2 hours a day without folks needing me.

That said, I have come to this sad conclusion… Hubs is not going to just “get it” one day and opt to do more. My daughter is not going to seek his counsel. Despite the darling soul that she is, no one is going to take her for a few days, so Mom can clean her closet or visit friends. Hubs is not going to concede that time away for me ALONE is better for us all. Reinforcements are not on their way.

I can’t continue to stay awake late at night searching for time. It’s time I need to sleep. To renew, refresh, keep healthy. I’m only fooling myself to think that I can just keep scraping at this well thinking there is more water to be found.

So, I need to grow up. I’m in charge here, right? (gulp) Anyone else have any ideas?

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