Talking to kids about what is going on in Ferguson. It is important. You are the guide.

To Loosen the Mind

My 8-year old didn’t want to go to school today. And, while I normally send my children off no matter what’s going on, today, I let it slide. In all honestly, I wanted to be with her, too. I spent much of last night, November 24, 2014, stunned, angry, confused, enraged. Sad. Just after 9:00pm, a grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri decided that they were not going to indict Officer Darren Wilson — a man who shot and killed a Black man in that same town. For months, vigils, protests, and social media activism kept us all engaged.

I kept refreshing my Twitter feed expecting — sort of — cheers of joy that justice was on the right side. Instead, disbelief, anger, frustration, and sadness filled my screen.

Now, I certainly have my very strong beliefs, and I’m trying to remain open about how others are processing this. Some say…

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